Myclimate cause we care!

Dear Guests,
The Destination DavosKlosters has the goal of being CO 2 neutral until 2030. As a company we want to support this goal.
On your bill you find CHF 2.—per day for a Climate tax. This tax will be used for myclimate to support DavosKlosters and for our Company to get a new heating system without oil, or to get new windows to stop loosing to much heat because of the old house. OF course all the money will just be available for climate protection. You decide if you want to pay it or not, you don’t have to.
You as my guest can help supporting us and we are thankful. Mybe one day, my grandchildren will manage the hotel in the 5th generation.
THANK you so MUCH for your support! Chalet-Hotel Larix- Tamara Henderson and Team